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Max Holloway: ‘A lot of doors are going to get opened’ after UFC 300 BMF title fight vs. Justin Gaethje

Max Holloway: 'A lot of doors are going to get opened' after UFC 300 BMF title fight vs. Justin Gaethje

In the realm of pugilistic endeavors, Max Holloway finds contentment amid the unconventional BMF title bout, relishing the myriad possibilities in his combat journey.

The erstwhile monarch of the UFC featherweight division sought another tilt at championship glory following triumphant conquests over Arnold Allen and Chan Sung Jung in 2023. Alas, Holloway’s aspirations did not align with the promotion’s plans. The coveted showdown between Alexander Volkanovski and the ascending Ilia Topuria was inked as the division’s impending title clash.

Even if a return to the lightweight domain seemed imminent, premier choices like Charles Oliveira and the reigning champion Islam Makhachev remained elusive. Fate, however, smiled upon Holloway (25-7 MMA, 21-7 UFC) when a consequential matchup for the BMF title with Justin Gaethje crystallized for UFC 300.

“Oliveira and Islam were already engaged in other battles, and I had just emerged victorious against the formidable ‘Korean Zombie.’ Concurrently, the 145-pound title was booked,” Holloway shared with Kevin Iole. “Gaethje needed an adversary, and with my recent accomplishments, I found myself presented with the BMF belt. Options are invaluable in this sport, and standing at the intersection of 45 and 55, I decided to throw my name into the mix.”

Acknowledging the skepticism that surfaced upon the fight’s revelation, particularly concerns about his perceived power deficit against the relentless Gaethje, Holloway channeled this doubt into a source of motivation for his meticulous preparations.

In the grand scheme, Holloway anticipates the opportunity to clinch the BMF title, a prestigious accolade not confined to a specific weight class. This flexibility allows the Hawaiian to venture into diverse weight divisions, defending the title wherever his ambitions take him, provided he can overcome Gaethje.

“It’s all about choices,” Holloway asserted. “Numerous doors are poised to swing open, offering a plethora of prospects. My primary focus lies on the imminent challenge presented by Justin Gaethje. Once that hurdle is cleared, a myriad of possibilities can unfold. Winning is my priority, aiming to defy expectations and leave an indelible mark on the world of combat sports.”


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